End of Life Care

When the difficult time comes to evaluate a pet's quality of life, Smithville Animal Hospital is here to help with the process.  

One of the most common questions as pets age is "When will I know that it is the right time?"  While that is a question we cannot answer for you, staff members of Smithville Animal Hospital can compassionately guide you to make a decision.  The discussion will include options for palliative care if possible and go over the process of euthanasia.  

Palliative care is hospice like care that helps treat and manage symptoms of diseases and processes that we cannot stop or cure.  The goal is to help make the final days as comfortable as possible.  

At Smithville Animal Hospital, we work diligently to ensure all euthanasias are as peaceful and comfortable as possible.  We may recommend sedation of the pet prior to the procedure or placement of an IV catheter.  Owners are always welcome to be present at the time of euthanasia.   In the instances owners are unable to be present, pets are comforted by our compassionate staff as they pass.  

Local current clients and patients of Smithville Animal Hospital may wish to take advantage of our home euthanasia service.  With this service, Dr. Holly and a technician will come to your home.

Lap of Love is a home euthanasia service that is available for home euthanasia for those clients outside of our service radius.  Their website Lap of Love, has resources available for all pet owners.  

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