Prescriptions will be filled with the veterinarian's approval as long as the pet has been treated at Smithville Animal Hospital within the last 12 months. If your pet has not been seen within the last 12 months, an examination is required before a prescription can be dispensed. If you need a prescription refill, we request you call during office hours. Please provide the receptionist with a phone number and allow at least 3 hours to approve and prepare your prescription to be picked up.

We do not fax any prescription authorizations.  Our online pharmacy is available.  If a different pharmacy is preferred, you can request a written prescription.  That written prescription cannot be faxed or copied but has to be physically given to the pharmacist to be filled.  

Smithville Animal Hospital is excited to offer an online pharmacy as a new option for prescription refills.  With Vetsource, you can submit prescription requests and have medications and diets delivered straight to your door.