Dr. Holly Smith

Dr. Holly Smith

In kindergarten, Dr. Holly Smith knew she wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian.  At 16, she started working in an animal clinic.  Starting as a kennel attendant, Dr. Smith worked her way up to receptionist and assistant.

A Kansas City native, Dr. Smith earned her Associates in Arts while attending Maple Woods Community College.  She then studied at UMKC for a year before moving to Columbia, Missouri to attend MU.  She worked occasional shifts at the Animal Emergency Center during and after vet school.  After graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012, she returned home to work at Gladstone Animal Clinic.  

In 2015 she moved to Smithville with her family and joined the Smithville Animal Hospital team in December 2016.  In 2020, Dr. Smith purchased the clinic from Dr. Del Pico.  

Her favorite parts of practice are soft tissue surgery, emergency/critical care cases and end of life management. 

“I enjoy the challenge and love that there is something new to learn every day.”

Her current memberships include the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association (KCVMA), and the American Heartworm Society.

When not working, she is busy with her three sons, husband, two dogs and all of their activities.  She spends her free time reading, crocheting, and cheering on the Chiefs, Royals and Mizzou!


Alisa joined Smithville Animal Hospital in November 2020 as the office manager.  She helps keep the clinic running smoothly.  Alisa is studying business management and is enrolled in veterinary management courses through NAVC. 


“I am always happy to talk to clients in order to maintain the best customer and patient relationships.  I love everyone I work with and all of the great patients.  There is something new and exciting every day!”


In her free time, she enjoys riding horses, roping and spending quality time with her husband, two daughters, and her menagerie of animals at home.  She has horses, cattle, dogs, cats and chickens. 




Araceli joined Smithville Animal Hospital in August 2013 as a veterinary assistant.  She worked while attending Maple Woods Veterinary Technician Program.  She graduated in 2014 with her Associates in Applied Science and became a registered veterinary technician.  

 “I’ll provide the best care for your pet, as if they were my own.  I’m passionate in what I do and want the make your pet’s experience here the best it can be.”

 At home, Araceli enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family.  She is busy with her three little girls, her two lovable pit bulls and her mischievous cat.



 Courtney joined the Smithville Animal Hospital team in January 2014 as a veterinary assistant. She worked while attending the Maple Woods Veterinary Technician program.  She earned her degree in 2016 and is now a registered veterinary technician.  

 “I put my heart into nursing, and I care for each patient as if they are my own.”

 At home, Courtney is busy with her husband, her little girl and her pets.  She has 2 mix breed dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit.  In her free time, she frequents car shows with her family, and enjoys cooking and listening to music.



Sarah has been with Smithville Animal Hospital since 2004 when she started as a kennel assistant. Since then she has worked multiple positions in the clinic including veterinary assistant and receptionist. She earned her BA in Political Science from William Jewell in 2006 and earned a Master of Public Administration from UMKC in 2010.  She splits her time between SAH and Riverside as the City Planner.  She is currently the main Saturday front desk and veterinary assistant. 

“Most people probably think my favorite part of my job is playing with all the animals, and I do love that, but my favorite part of my job is establishing a relationship with clients and their pets. I love getting to know them and helping them navigate their pet’s health and watching them grow up.”

Away from work, Sarah is busy with her husband and her two English Mastiffs, one Neapolitan Mastiff, one Irish Wolfhound, one Pitbull and her Shepherd Mix.  She also has 2 cats and a rabbit.  

In her free time she enjoys knitting and canning fruit and jams. 


April S

April joined the Smithville Animal Hospital Team in February 2020 as a customer service representative.  

She has over 10 years of experience working as a veterinary receptionist and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

“I am often the first voice you hear on the phone and the first face you see when you enter the clinic.  I will always greet clients with a positive and attitude and take my time to accurately and efficiently meet the needs for you and your pet.  My favorite part of my job is getting to know our clients and patients, and being able to help them – especially in their time of need.”

At home she is busy with her husband, daughter, her cat Teddy and her boxer Tripp.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She has been a WWE fan since childhood and never misses a show or event.  She also enjoys concerts, but mostly spending time relaxing at home.



Becca joined the Smithville Animal Hospital team in January 2021 as an assistant and customer service representative.  She is studying to become a registered veterinary technician. 


“I will treat your animals as though they are my own. The best parts of this job are working with animals and helping clients”


At home she is busy with her family including her three kiddos, her German Shepherd and her lab mix.  In her free time, she hangs out with friends and family and enjoys fishing and going for walks. 


Nacho Beans

Nacho joined the team in January 2021 when he and his housemate were dropped off at the clinic.   We do not know much about his history and his housemate passed away shortly after their arrival.  Nacho is the front desk manager and deputy officer of mischief.  He enjoys sprawling across the front desk greeting clients, lounging on the cat tower in the lobby, and sneaking into exam rooms. 

Nacho decided he wants to be an indoor/outdoor kitty and kept sneaking out the front door.  He decided to retire early and be an indoor/outdoor kitty at a new wonderful home much farther away from a busy highway.  


Walter Eugene Harvey

Walter came to Smithville Animal Hospital in October 2016 as tiny kitten who needed a lot of help.  He had a severe infection in one of his front legs requiring amputation.  After his recovery, he decided to stay on at the clinic to run the place.  Walter is the chief officer of mischief and can often be seen scurrying around corners and tearing up paper towels.    

In Loving Memory... Dr. Beth Myers was a joyful beautiful soul and cherished veterinarian at Smithville Animal Hospital.  She worked with us from December 2020 until her tragic death in 2022.  She loved all creatures big and small and was a brilliant veterinarian.